Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One of my favorite milestones yet.

The girls each caught their first fish camping this weekend!!! Those who know me know I'm a marathon fisher... I would fish all the time, day and night, if allowed, and so their first catch is a huge point of excitement for me. Ryan and I took the girls out fishing while Caleb napped in the camper... it was last minute right before leaving for home on Monday, and I really didn't expect anything, but they were begging for one last boat ride and try at a fish with their little purple Dora rods. Ryan and I each took a girl, and about the third cast in, Sarah caught a 4 in "sunny"... not much, but she reeled it in herself and helped hold it while I removed the hook, and then released it herself. Then, about 15 mins later, Hannah caught a beautiful 7 in brim... looked so good I wanted to let her eat it, but she too reeled in, held, and released her catch.
When we returned to the deck to tell Nonnie and Papaw about it, Hannah's report was that she caught a fish "this big" (gesturing her hands to indicate about a foot long), and Sarah's report was that her fish "was about as long as it is from the gate to that post" (about 5 feet). It was their first fish tale. Can't wait for more!