Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm One...

-Laughing at me means "do it again," so unless you're prepared for me to stick my finger up your nose a million times in a row, you better keep a straight face
- I get enough energy out of eating a half cup of milk, a chunk of styrofoam ball, carpet lint, and a handful of cheeri-os to fuel me for HOURS, so no need to keep trying to feed me that crap you eat all the time.
- I do not have time for diaper changes, so you may as well let me go commando or your going to have to have the energy to put up a good fight. Maybe you should go chew on a styrofoam ball a bit first, Mom.
- I think veggies are best for decorating the kitchen walls.
- I confidently defy gravity (as long as Mommy is there to catch me by the leg) as I launch myself off couches.
- If you pass a door, you better be prepared to take me outside or I'm pitching a fit.
- When you kiss me, just remember, I just licked the diaper pail, so that's what that funny smell on my lips is.
- I am the cutest human being alive, and don't you forget it!

Why I need to work harder at teaching the kids...

We've been working on a unit on trees for school, and it's been great. There's just so many interesting lessons that can come from this subject, like learning about all the neat things made from trees. I thought things were going swimmingly, until Ryan asked the kids a review question tonight at dinner...
"What are some things made from trees?"
"Plastic!," my not-so-attentive darlings shouted.
Ryan's response, "Baby girls, next time Mommy teaches you something new, maybe we might want to fact check her first." (As Mommy rolls her eyes at Daddy)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Photos

Mom took these photos recently. I think I'm in love! I could look at them all day with stars in my eyes over how cute my kids are... gush, gush.

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Boy!!

My baby is 1 today... time has flown by so swiftly. He's gone from a squirmy ball of diapered squeals to a silly, smart, sweet little boy. He toddles around the house now, so proud he can walk, and even talks a little. No, he doesn't say "Momma" or "Daddy," but you show the boy a dog or a duck and he'll shout it from the mountaintops that he knows what they are. And for his first birthday present to me he decided to sleep thru the night... all the way thru from 7 to 6:30, and he's even playing happily in his crib right now rather than fussing for attention right away. Let's pray that one sticks. Thankfully, despite the day, he's still a baby to me in so many ways. Like in the video, he still prefers Mommy over most foods, he's still baby-cuddly, and he's still got that adorable innocence I want to hold onto with everything I've got so it won't slip away. Bubby-boy, we love you with all our hearts and ALL of us are so glad you're a part of our little family. Happy first birthday, little man.