Monday, October 18, 2010

Hannah and Sarah's plans for the future...

(from the back of the car driving home from a night out at Panera)
Hannah: Sarah, when we're grown up, do you want to eat out with me E V E R Y night?
Sarah: OOh, yes. But first... we have to buy a wallet. And a credit card to go in the wallet.
Hannah: Yeah! A wallet.
Sarah: Oh, but you know what? We'll also have to get a new place to live. Cuz that's what people do when they grow up; they find a new place to live.
Hannah: I know, we'll live with Nonnie!
Sarah: Yeah, that's a good idea... if she's not dead then. Mom, will Nonnie be dead when we grow up?
Mommy: (Stifling a laugh) I certainly hope not.
Hannah: Oh yeah, and lets go camping every day.
Sarah: No Hannah, I'm only gonna camp when I want to, not when you say so, cuz I'll be grown up.

You here that Nonnie? You can't keel over for a long time, because otherwise, apparently, your grand-daughters will be homeless. And you might want to guard your wallet :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love... Hate

Things I love:
Coffee- sipped leisurely with no interruptions, in my time, as prepared by me
Dark Chocolate
Naked baby butt
Novels- preferrably sci fi or period novels
Bones/crime drama
Ryan's cooking
Fist/belly bumps during a workout
Hot baths
Teaching my kids at home
Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Finally being able to do a pull up
A balanced checkbook (on the first try)
a clean house

Things I hate:
Cold meals- served to me daily because somehow as soon as my food is ready and hot my kids have finished theirs and need "something else", cleaned up, or have spilled something. Mom's never get hot meals.
Waking up early- meaning before 7:30 am
photo editing
cleaning house with kids in tow
my bad memory
babyhood slipping away
taking time to shower, shave, and do my hair
cream of wheat or rice on a hard-wood floor
Ryan's sharp tongue when irritated
The fact that Ryan thinks he's always right
The fact that he's usually correct
cold mornings

What are your love/hates... any we have in common?