Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More fun photos of our weekend...

Just some more cute pictures... I love how the babies decided to make Uncle Dave their standing platform. Caleb was scared to death of him, but he wouldn't let go because he wanted to stand up and play with Arianna. She just kept trying to play and he couldn't get over touching Uncle Dave. Cute!

Family Fun

We had a blast this weekend with our family. Ryan's sister Holly, her hubby Dave, and their kids Aiden (2) and Arianna (12 mo) were here visiting, and we got lots of quality time with them. We spent time at the pool at Grandma Judy's house in Sandbridge and went to Norfolk Botanical Garden's children's garden with them, and I think everyone had a wonderful time. Here are some photo highlights... enjoy! I think my favorite is Caleb floating seemingly alone in the pool ("Hello? Any adults out there! Someone must be in charge here?! Can I get a little hand here?"), and sacked out in the stroller after a tough day playing in the water fountains.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Today Ryan turns another year older, and to celebrate, the girls worked to make him lots of fun decorations. We made cards with pictures and stained glass picture frames inside (made of wax paper and crayon shavings), party hats, and a banner that read "Daddy" or "Dabby/Dabdy/Dadby/Aabby" depending on how the air conditioner blew the letters :)... here are some cute photos of the decorations they made. Sorry, Daddy was not available for photos. Caleb's card contained his first finger painting, which was, um, fun/interesting? (Imagine an 8 month old on the bathroom floor with blue fingerpaint living it up while Mommy just tries to contain the damage). We hope you had a great birthday Ryan, you are very loved by your family!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Why I need to be clearer when communicating with Ryan...

My grocery list this week stated I wanted baby food, with the quantity specified as "5 jars each fruits and breakfast entrees, and 10 jars dinner and/or veggie entrees." I expected to get 5 jars of different fruits, 5 jars of breakfast entrees, and 10 jars of dinner-y stuff, all totalling 20 jars of baby food. Instead, he decided to buy 50 jars of baby food, stating, "I tried to get 5 jars of every fruit, 5 of every breakfast combination, and 10 dinners... you need to be clearer on those lists!" I guess Caleb is set for baby food for the next month or so. I still chuckle every time I see my desk, with baby foods all lined up and categorized like a grocery shelf so that I can easily see and find what I want when I want it.

Sick Day??

We were supposed to be camping this weekend, but the girls woke up with sniffles yesterday, and then full fledged coughs today. Hannah has been requiring breathing treatments most of the day. Sounds tough, huh? So I called off the camping. We spent the day watching tv. ... they love The Jungle Book, and watched Curious George, Sid the Science Kid, and Clifford all morning long, so they were in seventh heaven. For dinner, we made our own homemade pizzas and they loved every minute of it. Then after dinner, I shot these pictures... they look real sick, right? Well, lets just say I'm glad they were feeling much better (though still not well yet), but I really wish we could have gone camping, too. It was a much nicer day than I expected, though, and I'm very grateful for that.