Sunday, November 18, 2012

The day my kids became football fans

My kids have picked their teams and have decided they are now football fanatics.  How do 2 six-year-olds and an almost-four-year-old make football picks, you ask?  It goes a little something like this...

While watching the Eagles game, the half time report gave the rundown of the day's games so far.  The kids sat by watching the report and for each team pictured, they gleefully played their own little game guessing what the names of the teams were and who would, consequently, win based on their guesses.  The conversation led down the following lines of logic:

Hannah: "Ooh, it's the birds against the bigger birds!" (Translation: Cardinals versus Falcons)
Sarah: "Oh yeah, and there's the Tigers!"
Momma: "The Bengals"
Hannah: "Oooh Bagels!  I love Bagels!  I'm voting for them to win!"
Caleb (with Random Loud Interjection): "I'M STILL VOTING FOR THE BLACKSKINS!"
Momma and Daddy: "IT'S REDSKINS!"
Caleb:  "Yeah, them"
Sarah: "So then there's the Redskins and Eagles..."
Hannah: "Oh and there's the Cheetas!"
Momma: "The Jaguars"
Caleb: "Ooh, nevermind, I want the Cheese-its to win!"
Sarah (in overly bossy know-it-all voice): "It's Cheetas, not Cheese-its"
Momma: "JAGUARS.  They're Jaguars."
Hannah: "Ok, so Caleb's for the Cheese-its, I'm for the Bagels, and Sarah's for the Eagles"
And so it was settled.  Caleb's a Jaguars Fan, Hannah's a Bengels Fan, and Sarah is the only one who may still live under our roof after today, according to Ryan.  Only room for Eagles fans here :). 

Then again, I suppose if there was a "Mocha Java" team, that one'd be mine and I would "vote" for them :)