Sunday, June 28, 2009


Now what!? Caleb broke out into horrible hives yesterday and today, and the doctor says it's a reaction to this antibiotic. Now it's another trip to the doctor and another antibiotic. Poor guy, he's really been thru the ringer lately. Good news is the hives are subsiding now that we stopped this medicine, but unfortunately this last med was really working well... he had really improved, the sick stomach stopped altogether, and his ear really seemed to stop hurting. Now we start all over with a new med. Grr. Oh well, at least now we know he's allergic to the last stuff.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update on my little Bubby

Caleb is doing a bit better today. I took him to the doc, and apparently his infection got worse despite the antibiotics, so we switched his medication. His fever, blessedly, has come down on its own with very little need for tylenol, and he's eating and acting a bit more like himself. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury, he also fell of my bed today,... for the second time... the little scamp did a double roll as fast as lightening, launching himself off my mattress. I should have been prepared, as he ALWAYS tries to roll off the bed, for unknown reasons (other than just to see what will happen if he does, I guess), but Hannah came in and distracted me with a question during a diaper change, and off he went. He's going to be a handfull. Ryan says he's going to make us have to redefine what being a parent of a little person is like. The girls have almost always been more low key, obedient kids, at least in comparison to many other kids we've met, and I think this little guy is really going to keep me on my toes... good thing he's cute!


Poor little Caleb seems to be going through hell lately. It's three a.m. right now. He's got a double ear infection, wicked bad diarrhea from the Augmentin to treat it, and now three days after starting treatment, he's running a 103 fever, starting at 10 last night. Tylenol takes it down to 101 or so, but still, his litttle body is so hot I can barely stand to hold him without sweating myself, and the fever just climbs right back up every 4 hours when the tylenol wears off. I don't want to give ibuprofen to double cover, though, because of his upset tummy. Thankfully he's nursing, though, so I know he's getting fluids. I thought they couldn't get that sick while being treated with antibiotics, or am I crazy? I start to worry about things like meningitis, and drug resistant infections, and my mind goes to all sorts of awful places. Please, guys, if you have similar stories and your kids were fine, could you reassure me?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The girls are really starting to crack me up with all their questions... some days they wear me down to the seams, too. I love their innocence and that they have the verbal prowess to express their thoughts and feelings, but I just wish sometimes it wasn't NONSTOP. An example:
(while driving home from my Mom's house one evening)
Sarah: Mommy, where's Daddy?
Mommy: He's going to follow us in his truck from work, so he's behind our car.
Sarah: Where behind us?
Mommy: In the truck, right behind us.
Sarah: In the truck?
Mommy: Yes
Sarah: Which one?
Mommy: The big white one from work.
Hannah: The white one?
Mommy: Yep.
Hannah: Is it from his work?
Mommy: Yep.
Hannah: Is he behind us?
Mommy: Yep.
Sarah: Is it a white truck?
Hannah: Mommy, where's Daddy now? Mommy? MOMMY! Why aren't you talking to me!?

I'm also wondering about my kids memory. Any similar stories of pesky, inquisitive kids?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Indoor Picnic

They say that in Virginia Beach if you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it'll change. Well today it started out downright chilly, then warmed up on our way home from a playdate, then got chilly again as we arrived home. I had promised the girls a picnic when we got home, so we ended up eating on the floor of the living room on a big blanket. Despite the poor scenery, the kids loved it. Caleb has been eating more solids, and he kept trying to steal everyone else's food. He figured out that by pulling on the blanket, other people's food moved closer to him, so we all had to guard our meals. At one point he got a goldfish, a bottle of water, and his bowl of squash (which he tipped over, to his delight) within a one min. period, each time grabbing a new contraband item whilst I was confiscating other banned items from him. He's going to be an eater, that's for sure! It didn't help that the girls kept aiding and abetting him, feeding him crumbs from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and peices of apple when I wasn't looking, much to my terror and chagrin. Here's a picture of the little darlings, and my dirty little food thief.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sarah's Opinion of Hannah?

The two little angels were playing computer today, and I was working in a room nearbye, and I heard them logging into their computer game, for which they have to type their name. Sarah was instructing Hannah, "You have to type your name... see 'Hannah' is spelled 'A-S-S' " we know what Sarah really thinks of her sister. :)

Irritated and Grumpy (and Spoiled Rotten)

That's how I'm feeling today. God has better plans for me than I can make each day, but I'm being a spoiled brat at having my plans spoiled. I wanted to take the kids out to ride bikes, which was foiled by a most irritating rainstorm that only seemed to start up whenever we walked outside. I wanted to mow the lawn, but that, too, was foiled by rain. I desperately wanted to clean the house, but I can't ever seem to get time to myself to do it apart from other needed tasks, like laundry, watching kids, mowing the lawn, etc, and besides, we're having playgroup here tomorrow, so the prospect of a load of preschoolers mucking up my freshly cleaned house just seems like a waste. The one thing I DIDN'T want to do, my self-study for work, seems to be the one thing I can do today. So, ok, I get it, I'm being a brat for not being thankful for God's plan, and I need to turn this bad attitude around; therefore, I blog and vent. Thanks for listening. Next time I promise to be in a better mood and a little more thankful... after all, I am abundantly blessed in a multitude of ways.