Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chip off the old block

I have had the week alone with Caleb while the girls have been at VBS this week, and it's been loads of fun having Mommy-Caleb dates each day. Today it was too hot to go outside for long, so he and I headed to the mall to chill out at the play area indoors (and coffee, carousels, and cookies may have been involved as well, but our lips are sealed). He had a blast as usual, but I found one moment particularly noteworthy.
In our play area, there is a water theme... so there are little whale playseats, slides in various shipwreck and sea animal shapes, and little ride-ons like turtles and boats. Caleb claimed one boat for his own (much to the dismay of two watching little girls... that's it buddy, Mommy is the only girl for you!), and was happily pretend fishing when I heard him remark, "There's something wrong with the motor! The boat won't start, I'm gonna have to get out and fix it!" He then continued to repeat this little drama about 10 more times before giving up and surrendering his boat to the waiting girls, who were all to happy to snatch up the broken boat for their own.
For those of you who don't quite get Caleb's reference to the broken boat...
Ryan has a boat. A boat that almost assuredly never actually starts when you need it to. And guess what Daddy says every time we're marooned on his boat? It's so funny what they pick up when you don't intend for them to be listening... :)