Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Today Ryan turns another year older, and to celebrate, the girls worked to make him lots of fun decorations. We made cards with pictures and stained glass picture frames inside (made of wax paper and crayon shavings), party hats, and a banner that read "Daddy" or "Dabby/Dabdy/Dadby/Aabby" depending on how the air conditioner blew the letters :)... here are some cute photos of the decorations they made. Sorry, Daddy was not available for photos. Caleb's card contained his first finger painting, which was, um, fun/interesting? (Imagine an 8 month old on the bathroom floor with blue fingerpaint living it up while Mommy just tries to contain the damage). We hope you had a great birthday Ryan, you are very loved by your family!!

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