Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Dear!

So this afternoon, the girls were playing hide and seek around the house while I cleaned up after dinner. Caleb was running around chasing them and hiding behind doors and such trying to play along. Right before finishing, I noticed it was really too quiet around the house... no Caleb noises, so to speak. I asked Sarah if she'd seen him, and she responded no. I asked Hannah, and she replied that he wasn't hiding with her. So then I listen...
(Sounding as if it's in a tunnel)
"Caleb, where are you?!"
(again, tunnel-ish sound... I begin to look in closets where he's been known to lock himself a time or three)
(Sound seems to be getting further away... I look frantically to the stairs, nope, no Caleb)
I look at the front door... yup still closed, but the sound is coming from that direction. I quizzically look out the door, only to find my 16 month old son wandering around on my front porch aimlessly, calling my name all the while.
I've been leaving my door unlocked starting at 5ish so Ryan can get in. That won't happen again. It seems I've got an escapee on my hands.

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