Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lost in Translation

This evening we were listening to the holiday music channel while cleaning the dinner table (Christmas music already, Oh bliss!), when I looked up at the crawl at the bottom of the screen and learned something interesting I wanted to share with the kids...
"Neat! Did you know that legos were named LEGO after the danish words 'Leg Godt' which means 'Play Well'? I never knew where they got their name."
Hannah: "What's Danish?"
Mom: "It's the language people speak in Denmark."
Hannah: "What's Denmark?"
Sarah (in her "duh!" voice): "Ugh, you know, that place we go shopping all the time."
Mom: ??
Mom: "Sarah, do you mean 'Walmart?'"
Sarah: "No Mommy, I think it's called 'Denmart,'... I'm pretty sure. Right, Hannah?"
Hannah: "Yup!"

It's seems I'm wrong. Two against one- it's only fair, right?

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  1. BAHAHA! That's funny!

    This is Lamanda by the way.. I have a blog too, not nearly as funny as yours though. Check it out:


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