Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here's a few photos of our most recent trip to Lake Gaston. We call it camping, but it's not really camping... there are no saggy tents, only air conditioned trailors; no leaky canoes, only high-style bass boats; no leafy wipes and piddling behind a tree, but a trailor bathroom with "real" flushing, and a pump out service; no swarms of mosquitos, only hourly baths in bug spray (ok, the mosquitos are still there, but highly pissed at having NO FOOD, with the exception of poor Hannah, who apparantly can't get bug spray to stick to her skin and makes delightful bug fare); no stinky dirty campers, only freshly washed, slightly sticky and overly full-from-too-many-smores faces after visiting the posh bath house; and if you need, there's a laundry facility a short walk nearbye; and did I mention there are not 1, but 3 pools, a baby pool at the "campsite", and a big pool and a children's pool at the campground's center. Am I complaining, NO WAY! I love it. The part that makes it camping for me is there is no TV, no cell service, and we are forced to (gasp!) talk to entertain ourselves in the evenings or play games. And, much to my delight, there is fishing. Here fishy fishy... Mommy needs to land a big one! And no matter what my Dad says, he did not land a 20-some inch bass until he can evidence video or photographic proof :)... next time remember your camera, Dad.


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