Wednesday, September 9, 2009

dualing hypochondriacs and other silliness

So Sarah is sick with a cold, and yesterday Hannah bit her tongue badly and so it's been a little sore. Now, they're competing with each other to see who is more pitiful, and each has decided to have the same exact ailments as her sister when one complains. Sarah claims her tongue hurts if Hannah should happen to complain... Hannah says her nose is "tuffy" if Sarah says she doesn't feel well, and manages a few very fake coughs as if to prove to me she's sick. If Sarah gets cold medicine, Hannah MUST have some too, and when denied, throws a fit of hysterical fake coughs to convince me she needs it (with a few fake wheezes to try to get a breathing treatment on top of it, too). I keep warning them, be careful what you wish for, knowing that Hannah will likely soon have the same cold anyway. Pitiful.
On a lighter note, Sarah yesterday asked me the best question: "Mommy, why can't we have a merry go round in our house?"...
Hmm... why, indeed?

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  1. cute,,,I think you should have a merry go round as well....


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