Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bizarre Foods

This month seems to be Ryan's month. He just cracks me up when he's in charge of the kids. He's an awesome daddy, but he does things very differently than I would. Food, for instance. Me, I make mac n cheese when I want my kids to have a special lunch. Meanwhile, Daddy had the kids yesterday, so he did it his way. He took them to the Asian market, purchased some bluefish, then served it to the kids. Not so wierd... but wait... he served them the WHOLE fish. Head and all. I got home and was regailed with stories of how my sweet babies ate fish eyes, cheeks, and head parts... EWW! And to top it off, I had to look impressed rather than disgusted because who am I to disdain a dish often considered a wonderful delicacy in other countries? I want them to have varied palates, but this is just SICK!


  1. that is AWESOME! I wish Linda could have come for lunch!

  2. He does rock. I think it's so interesting how differently (and a lot less "carefully") my husband parents. The kids seem to survive...happily!


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