Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Growing up

Caleb had a banner day yesterday. He said his 2nd and 3rd words (1st was Dog, but only because Daddy heard it... it's never been repeated for me), which were "Kix" and "Ball"... my son practically lives off the breakfast cereal Kix, and while the girls were playing keep away with their ball with him, he said "Ball" over and over, sending the girls squealing with joy at their having taught him a word. Also, he started standing on his own unsupported and even tried to take a step (unsuccessfully). He's getting so big and reminds me more of a boy and less of a baby every day. He has 7 teeth now, going on 8. What a sweet, cool kid, and so self entertained. Sometimes I have to go looking for him during the day when he's downstairs because he'll just head off on his own to play. It's really so neat to see him growing!

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