Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stupid toe!

Today was a bit frustrating. I started the day hearing Hannah announce over the intercom, "Mommy! I have a booger!"... at 6 am. After charging in and wiping said booger, I noted that Hannah has developed a cold. Wonderful. Then I got to wipe many more boogers over the next hour because my kids can't wipe their noses on their sleeves like regular kids. :) Then we had a trip to the drug store after everyone was awake and dressed to get cold medicine for Hannah and sty eye drops for Sarah's eye. Then later in the day, I tripped over Caleb's bouncy seat and broke/dislocated my pinky toe. So now all three of us have some sort of malady. Add to that Caleb's 6 wardrobe changes today after pooping up/out of his diaper and/or peeing out of his diaper and 2 wardrobe changes and a shower for me after he threw up in my hair/shirt, and it was a right fun day. But, on the up side, we ordered a fridge, so hopefully we'll be able to get more food soon. Hannah today, upon hearing that my toe was hurt, said, "Well, I'll kiss it later Mommy, but not right now." She repeated that throughout the evening until bedtime, and still, my toe has not been kissed :(. Maybe Ryan will do it. I figure, if it works for the kids, when in Rome...

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