Friday, January 30, 2009

OK, now I'll eat some crow...

A couple friends of mine suggested I try swaddling Caleb to help him sleep. Well, I passionately disagreed with this, saying it's just a way of starting a bad habit. They said, try reading "Happiest Baby on the Block"... well, with great reluctance I checked out the DVD version, and listened with skepticism. Then, during the video Caleb woke up after his usual 45 min sleep period, with my knowing full well he is neither hungry nor in pain but also that he would not go back to sleep without being put into his swing. So I figure, what the heck? I swaddled the boy, laid him on his side, and shushed him for 1 minute. The kid fell fast asleep so fast like I've never seen before. Ok, so now I get to eat crow. Wow, I can't wait to see if this works at night, too! I predict Ryan will react with the same skepticism when I tell him of the day's events, but at this point, it's not like having just babies, and no other kids to worry about. I NEED this kid to sleep, and for as long as possible because I have two beautiful girls to worry about, too, who need fed and loved and played with, too. So I figure, lets give it a shot, and sorry all for being soooo prideful and thinking my way is the only way to get a kid to sleep successfully. :)

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  1. I'm glad that worked for you so well. I've heard good things about that book as well.


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