Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Birthday

The kids' birthday was a real blast. On Friday we spent the day spoiling them rotten. I took the kids to the craft store in the morning, and they picked out some sun catchers and bubble whistles. Then they played outside in the gorgeous sunshine for a while before being swept away to the mall with Nonnie to ride the carosel and eat large quantities of junk food. They got to skip naps in favor of watching a movie of their choice that afternoon, followed by a gigantic crash in energy levels leaving them conked out for the night. On Saturday we had a bug-themed party at a local park, complete with a caterpillar cupcake cake made by Daddy and bug-themed games. After the party we opened presents, and then all of us crashed and burned for the night. I think we're still all trying to recover from all the junk food, so Ryan and I are doing our party by slowly phasing out the calorie levels. This was accomplished by eating the rest of the leftover chips and dips and a couple or few cupcakes every so often thru the day. We'll need to work on it some more tomorrow, I think. The picture of Caleb smiling had nothing to do with any of this but was just thrown in for extra cuteness.


  1. great pics. I love the one of Hannah eating the cookie.

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah and Hannah! Aunt Holly loves you! Love the cute pics. Caleb is getting so BIG!

  3. How did I miss this post?
    Happy birthday to the girls!
    It sounds like you had so much fun.
    Good luck phasing out the calories. lol


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