Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yippee, we're gonna be THREE!!!

Just in case you were wondering what it looks like burping twinfants, or what my belly looked like after they were born, here you go!
Aren't they sweet?
So now that they're turning three tomorrow let's talk about what the next year will look like...
I'm three:
*Each time we wake up, it's "tomorrow"; doesn't matter if we were just napping, whatever we had penciled in for "tomorrow" must occur now. Right now.
*All public restrooms must be inspected by us. And just so you can't pull the wool over our eyes, we'll perform snap inspections at the times you least expect it, like while you're in the checkout line or on the phone.
*All free time will heretofore be considered playtime. If you need a coffee break that bad, you can do it after we go to bed tonight.
* I can now button my shirt and zip my jacket, so any attempt on your part to do it for me will result in a (loud) verbal warning.
* Stickers are a fashion statement.
* The grass IS really greener on the other side... all things belonging to someone else must be better than mine and are, therefore, subject to my whims.
* Whereever you take us better have toys. If there aren't toys there, we will find some way to make your stuff our toys.
* If where you are taking us involves shopping, it better have a pet store. And Nonnie better be there. She buys us stuff. Can we have a puppy Nonnie?
* Nonnie and Papaw hung the moon. Any attempts to discredit this information will be summarily dismissed.
* A fork CAN double as a comb, and a cheerio on the floor is still fair game as long as it's not mushy.
* It is ALWAYS my turn.
* Mickey Mouse should win a grammy this year. If not, he was robbed.
* All mail and newspapers are subject to our inspection.
* Heretofore, all walking shall be suspended in favor of bouncing. When bouncing is not acceptable, jumping shall be the alternative.
I can't believe the time as flown by so quickly!! I love you my little princesses!


  1. This is such a cute post, Melissa!

    Happy Birthday to two of God's cutest princesses!

    Karen & Sierra :)

  2. Cute! Linda and Tom will be there tomorrow. Great weather for you guys!


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