Monday, June 15, 2009

Irritated and Grumpy (and Spoiled Rotten)

That's how I'm feeling today. God has better plans for me than I can make each day, but I'm being a spoiled brat at having my plans spoiled. I wanted to take the kids out to ride bikes, which was foiled by a most irritating rainstorm that only seemed to start up whenever we walked outside. I wanted to mow the lawn, but that, too, was foiled by rain. I desperately wanted to clean the house, but I can't ever seem to get time to myself to do it apart from other needed tasks, like laundry, watching kids, mowing the lawn, etc, and besides, we're having playgroup here tomorrow, so the prospect of a load of preschoolers mucking up my freshly cleaned house just seems like a waste. The one thing I DIDN'T want to do, my self-study for work, seems to be the one thing I can do today. So, ok, I get it, I'm being a brat for not being thankful for God's plan, and I need to turn this bad attitude around; therefore, I blog and vent. Thanks for listening. Next time I promise to be in a better mood and a little more thankful... after all, I am abundantly blessed in a multitude of ways.

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  1. sorry your morning did not go as expected. We all are blessed so much, but sometimes we need little days like this to give us a reality check.


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