Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update on my little Bubby

Caleb is doing a bit better today. I took him to the doc, and apparently his infection got worse despite the antibiotics, so we switched his medication. His fever, blessedly, has come down on its own with very little need for tylenol, and he's eating and acting a bit more like himself. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury, he also fell of my bed today,... for the second time... the little scamp did a double roll as fast as lightening, launching himself off my mattress. I should have been prepared, as he ALWAYS tries to roll off the bed, for unknown reasons (other than just to see what will happen if he does, I guess), but Hannah came in and distracted me with a question during a diaper change, and off he went. He's going to be a handfull. Ryan says he's going to make us have to redefine what being a parent of a little person is like. The girls have almost always been more low key, obedient kids, at least in comparison to many other kids we've met, and I think this little guy is really going to keep me on my toes... good thing he's cute!


  1. So glad he is feeling better. I have been praying and will continue to do so. Prayers for a good nights rest tonight! :)

  2. Glad the little guy is feeling better. Emma had a reaction like that once too. She was on amoxicillan for an ear infection and the medicine didn't work so the infection got worse. I guess now you know to stay away from augmentum. I hope you both get some sleep tonight, and for furture reference, change diapers on the floor. Just kidding. Ella fell out of the van on Friday, landed on her face, got a bump on her forhead, then later that day she had an unexplained gash on her head. She is much better now though she did bump her head in the same place on my bed yesterday. I guess these kids are tough no matter how their mothers treat them. Take care.



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