Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How I got some extra time myself today...

So I noticed that I had some extra time to myself this morning as I was going thru emails and checking message boards and such. Normally, the girls are swarming around me asking me questions and telling me to come play RIGHT NOW. So after a while, I decided to check what was up. I find Sarah on the potty, and Hannah in the bathroom up at the sink. Apparantly, Hannah had gone and washed her hands and as she stepped down, her sweatshirt hooked the handle of the cabinet, effectively hanging her from the cabinet door (Though her feet could reach the floor, so she wasn't hurt, just stuck, so don't go calling DYFS on me!). So Hannah's hanging there quietly asking Sarah to help her, and Sarah is quietly asking Hannah to hand her toilet paper. This little limbo could have possibly gone on forever as neither of them thought to call for me.
The girls have had colds for three weeks straight now, so I think we're all going a little batty. They're getting darn sick and tired of me telling them to cover their mouths and not touch baby brothers stuff. Caleb is blessedly well, though, and happy as a clam. I felt like a real heel last night because I put him in his swing with every intention of turning it off after 20 min as I always do to ensure he's getting good sleep (quote Dr. Weissbluth - Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child , "Motion sleep is not quality sleep") but I fell asleep and he swung there for THREE HOURS. I must have been really tired cause normally I'm anal retentive about not using the swing a long time. And still, we have no fridge... the wait continues for delivery!

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