Friday, May 29, 2009

Goliath and the Bean Stalk

I'm not sure if I helped butcher one of the Bible's most exciting tales, but I guess I aided and abetted my kids while they did tonight. We were playing after dinner and the girls were really starting to get imaginative, starting with Sarah...
Sarah: "Mommy, the giant Goliath stoled my stuff and ran away!"
Mommy: "Where did he go?"
Sarah: "I can't find him! Help!"
Mommy: "Maybe he went up the beanstalk with the other giants!"
Sarah: "But how will I get my stuff back?"
Mommy: "Well, I've got a few magic beans... here take these (handing over imaginary beans)"
Sarah: "Thanks! I'll go up there, but what do I do then?"
Mommy: "You climb up and defeat the giant... if a little guy like David did it, you can too... remember... with God's help little guys can do big things, too (shameless Veggie Tales quote)"
Sarah: Oh... (climbing stairs) I'm up here!! He's chasing me!!!"
Hannah: "I'll save you!"
Mommy: "Quick Hannah, get 5 smooth stones from the Jordan river, and bring your sling!"
Sarah: "Hannah, shoot him in his four heads!"
(Hannah pretends to shoot a stone in a sling)
Hannah: "Got em, he falled right over Mommy... here's your stuff Sarah (pronounced Say-wah)."
Sarah: "Look! He's getting up, Run!"
(Mommy, Sarah, Hannah, and Caleb run to Caleb's room, where Mommy begins conveniently dressing and diapering Caleb for bed)
Sarah: "He can't get in because our friends are helping"
Mommy: "Oh yeah? Who?"
Sarah: "Mickey (Mouse) and Klooto (Pluto... the dog). I'm David"
Hannah: "And I'm God"
Mommy: speechless.

I love the world of imagination... I just hope I can get them to remeber the real story the right way now! :)


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