Friday, February 27, 2009

Exciting Changes

The girls just keep blooming and blossoming... growing up so fast. I can't believe they'll be three soon! This week they haven't been napping well, and have been going to bed really late, so I've decided it's time to drop naps, at least officially. I told them they can now have quiet time from 1-3, meaning they don't have to sleep but they have to hang out in their beds and play. They also started wearing pull ups instead of diapers at naptime and bedtime, so I put the potties in their room and told them that they can get up to potty if they want to try to stay dry at those times. Up till now, they've been told they can't get out of bed for anything, so this is a big leap of freedom for them. I decided to put a nightlight in their room so they can find their way to the potty, and I went to Target to buy them yesterday with the kids. I plugged the light in and put it on a timer, and then at 9 pm went up to check on them. The light was so bright, it was like the noon-day sun in their room, so I had to scrap the nightlight and use their baby monitor light instead! They're so proud every time they actually keep their pull up dry, it's really cute.

Caleb also took a leap this week. He's decided he no longer needs to be swaddled, and is trying to break out of his sleep positioner by scooting all around the crib. He keeps bumping his head on the crib sides, so I had to put his crib bumpers on... now I can't peek in on my baby easily anymore :(. He's getting so big, 15 pounds now. A friend brought her 5 week old baby to a playdate today, and he just looked huge in comparison! I'm just trying to enjoy every minute I have with him since he's my last baby.

p.s. The J key on my keyboard is broken, so if you notice misspellings, just know that I have to proofread and retype every J with extra pressure, and that's why occaisionally you'll see words like "enoy" instead of "enJoy"!

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