Friday, February 27, 2009

A look at the past...

I posted this on a Mommy message board a year ago... Just wanted to repost because it reminded me of how far the girls have come in the past year:

A recipe... for chaos:
How to make bread with twin toddlers: I and my "assistants" set out to make healthy whole wheat bread this morning. It was quite the experience, so I thought I'd share, as I'm sure everyone could relate to our chaos. After waking at 8, dressing, eating, cleaning up after eating, pottying, and a short playtime, we set out to make bread at 10. Step 1, mill the grain for flour. This we achieved easily... 10:10 allowed my assistants to stand on chairs on either side of me at our kitchen island to watch as I pour ingredients into the mixing bowl. Water, check; honey, check; oil, check; At this point I'm cockily thinking, "This is going swimmingly! What a great lesson for the girls!''Flour- I announce, "we need seven cups"... lets count 1..2...3...4....5....6.... At which point, Assistant 1 decided to see what's in the bowl so far... she grabs the bowl and promptly pulls it down as she loses her balance, spilling all ingredients all over herself, the floor, and my counter. Assistant 1 cries, and Mommy, wanting to cry herself (those ingredients aren't cheap in the amounts I use them), comforts Assistant 1, taking this time to teach about how "accidents happen"... Strip assistant 1 (Sarah) down to diaper, put both assistants in high chairs to prevent "fun with dough," clean baby, clean floor, clean counter, clean bowl and utensils, dry bowl and utensils... break for good laugh as assistants begin to poke each other and giggle in their high chairs...Pause for potty break for both girls, a temper tantrum over both who gets to go first and who gets a prize first... wash both hands...break for another temper tantrum over who knows what...Continue to clean EVERYTHING....Get out clean washcloth because the first one looks like a wad of playdough now...Redress assistant one and start a load of laundry before the flour dries on her clothes...Wring broom, and dustpan away from screaming assistant who has decided to use them to knock pictures off the entertainment center...Take measuring spoons away from other screaming assistant's mouth and clean them... Again...10:45- start milling more grain for flour and start all over again! p.s. 1:30 bread is done and assistants asleep. Mommy wishes she had prozac!

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