Saturday, February 21, 2009


Why is it every time I put all the kids down for a nap and it looks like I might have a minute alone, that's when the wash spin cycle gets out of whack and the darn thing starts CLANGING AND BANGING so loudly that someone wakes up and my peace is RUINED!

Why is it every time I go to sneak a reese's cup, 3 people magically appear behind me asking, "whatcha eatin?" and suddenly the 2 with no attention span cannot move from that spot or stop asking until I answer truthfully.

Why is it that the baby sleeps so heavily sometimes that I cannot wake him up no-matter-what, while every night at 10 when I go to sneak carefully and quietly into my bed next to his crib, he stirs and wakes, even though I'm sure I haven't made a sound.

Why is it that the girls can be playing happily together independantly, but the moment my hot coffee emerges from the microwave, they immediately need to be taken to the potty.

Why is it that when I potty the girls before naptime, they always deny needing to go, but the moment I walk out the door after putting them down, I hear, "Mommy, I hav a poo poo in my diaper!"

Just wondering.


  1. Because you are a Mom!
    And that will be the answer to many many more questions you will have.
    Funny though, and good luck sneaking your peanut butter cups.


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