Thursday, March 19, 2009

She learned my REAL name...

Over the intercom today I heard Sarah calling as usual... well, sorta. Typically at 7:30ish I hear, "Momma, where are you?! I'm ready to get up!" or some such thing. This morning it was, "Momma, can you please come fix my bed?" (I learned later she had pulled the corner of her sheet up and it was bugging her). However, because I was nursing I didn't run in immediately and she, being Sarah, just couldn't let it go, the calls escalated in volume, intensity, and later morphed into, "MELISSA, can you come and fix my bed PUH-LEASE!" As if that was the code word she discovered to get me to do her bidding. She must have noticed that I really hop when Ryan hollers my REAL name for something rather than just calling me "honey". Uh-oh.

1 comment:

  1. That is so cute!
    I remember learning the same thing with my mom when I was little.
    We were in a store once and "Mommy" was getting me no answer, but "Nancy!" did.
    Funny how that works.


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