Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A day of blessings

We had a great day today. It started with Caleb sleeping 6 hours last night... IN A ROW. That was great, and I was almost chipper when he woke at 11:30 last night after a 6:30 bedtime. Then, the rest of the day, he NAPPED! Yes, he slept two 1 1/2 hour stretches and two 45 min. stretches, and he was extra alert the rest of the time, so we got to really enjoy him. Also, I got to work out! Sure, I had two preschoolers helping me by bopping around and attempting to do the workout, too, and I had a 3 mo. old staring up at me from his bouncer the whole time, but I did it, and it worked for us. I even think the girls thought it was fun. The girls had a nice time today making necklaces, painting with the new construction paper I bought them, and playing on the computer. And I even got time for a shower! Then Ryan called and told me he saved his company a half million today while he was in meetings with a client. So I think we all had a pretty good day. I'm just so thankful for our family and all God gives us, even in the hard times, but today I'm esp. thankful for days like this when everything seems to come together.

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  1. I think this is the same day we came over for dinner. Thanks again for that. It was really nice, and yummy.


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