Sunday, March 29, 2009

So it begins...

We started renovations this weekend, with Dad and Ryan plugging away full steam. Our floors, after a LOT of drama, are finally here and waiting to be laid, the cabinets are boxed and ready to be assembled, and the other floors and cabinets are ripped out and ready to be dumped. The kids and I are staying with Mom and Dad during the reno, and they're just loving it. They have been so busy with all Mom's toys and playing on their new swingset in the backyard that they haven't even noticed Ryan hasn't been around today... much to poor Ryan's chagrin, but I assured him I don't think they'd notice if I were missing either. Nonnie apparantly hung the moon. Caleb, blessedly, is almost over his cold and feeling better overall, though still not sleeping well because his nose is really stuffy. I'm looking forward to a nice day tomorrow, it's the first anniversary of my thirtieth birthday, and though no hullabaloo is planned, I've informed all that I'm not cooking and they are to order in for dinner :).

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