Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The toilet

Renovations continue. Status report: I now need to buy a new toilet. Though not budgeted for, hubby called me Sun. night to inform me that we needed to buy a new toilet now, despite my telling him that we don't need to waste money buying a toilet for the downstairs bathroom when ours works perfectly fine. When asked why we NEED a toilet now, hubby replied, "Um, I think it has something to do with your Dad hitting it with a hammer." "Why did he do that? Did he have some sort of accident?!" "Nope, it might have had something to do with me telling him to hit it with a hammer." Then Dad chimes in, "It was FIFTEEN years old! It needed replaced." Now, someone tell me why a toilet needs replaced when it still works perfectly fine.
I can't wait to see what else was conveniently "broken" and replaced while I'm away.


  1. oh dear, that would have really irritated me. How long have you guys been married? Maybe you should say we have been married x years, you need to be replaced! lol

  2. I like Holly's comment. Maybe you should have your dad hit your hubby with a hammer.
    We once had to replace a toilet because I dropped it in the tub.
    No kidding.
    My then 2 year old son had clogged it by flushing a lime down it.
    I was pretty experienced at removing the toilet to extract flushed toys and other objects, so I did it myself and didn't bother to call anyone to help.
    The lime didn't want to come out so I turned the toilet over in the bathtub hoping it would fall out the way it had gone in.
    The whole thing kind of slipped out of my hands and cracked, sooo we got a new toilet.
    The good news was that not only did we get a new toilet, I didn't have to reach into it to get the stupid lime out.


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