Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If Mommies Named Paint Colors

I was rolling a coat of "Toasted Cashew" on my wall when I began thinking about the names people give to paint colors. For instance, in addition to "toasted Cashew" I've also recently rolled on "Egyptian Nile", and "Pumpkin Butter," among others I can't really recall. They always sound either yummy or exotic, so I got to thinking then about what kind of names we Mommies would give our paint colors. For me, "Toasted Cashew" would be "Breast Milk," "Egyptian Nile" would be "Strained Peas," etc. Reds would be named for hues of Elmo and Clifford, Browns would be named after Curious George and the color my kids turn after playing in various types of turf and mud, Greens would bring to mind the lovely shades of spit up and nasal discharges I find when my kids are sick, Yellows would would be hues of rubber duckies and swim floaties, and Purples would relate to bruises, grapes, and raisins. Yep, while "Toasted Cashew" sounds romantic, if Ryan told me he was bringing home "Clifford Red" or "Grass Stain" I'd definitely know better what I was getting.
p.s. Almost done with the renovations!!! T-minus three days till we're finished with the major work!


  1. That makes so much more sense.
    I didn't even know what color "egyptian nile" would be until you compared it to strained peas. Now I have a perfectly clear picture in my head.
    But there are a few problems with that idea. For example, there is a large number of people in the world who don't know that breast milk is slightly off white or even yellow instead of rwugular white like cows milk.
    But then, maybe there are more people who know what color breast milk is than what color "egyptian nile" is.
    I'll have to come over and see the finished product when all the work is done.


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