Friday, May 1, 2009

A three treatment day

Around Hannah's world, the quality of days are measured by the no. of breathing treatments she requires in a day. Most days, its none, but when recovering from a (flu?), the no. usually goes up. Today was a three treatment day. Sarah is almost fully over it, but Hannah and Caleb, though they seemed to be getting better on Mon. and Tues, still seem to be battling the afteraffects. Caleb has been sleeping really poorly, running a low fever, and eating alot, so maybe it's just teething. I just wish I could give Hannah a little of my strength to fight this. Good thing, though, is she doesn't seem to notice the wheezing, and goes on about her day as normal. She's still my baby, so it's just hard to watch her sit and wheeze :(.

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  1. Hi. I just ran across your blog from reading one of your comments on another blog. I guess that's how this blogging world works.
    I am from Va Beach, have three children, but now live in Las Vegas. I was glad to see someone else's blog who lives there-or near there.

    I also have had a lot of issues with my middle child wheezing. His wheeze didn't go away until finally he got on an inhaler and some steroid breathing treatments. Now, during allergy season, he still uses his inhaler. I am hoping that this will all be allergy related and doesn't come from asthma or turn into asthma. Time will tell. It was nice reading your story.


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