Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy confessions...

I guess I felt the need to get a few things off my chest, so here goes...

I eat junk food after telling my kids "no" by hiding in the pantry while I do it.
I throw away toys because I get sick of stepping on them.
I have no problem skipping baths when they're due if I have been too busy, too tired, or having too much fun with my kids to stop and do baths.
I stay in my pjs till 4:30 most days and change into "real clothes" only when it's getting close to time for Ryan to come home
The house is awful till about 4:30, too.
Most of the time my laundry never makes it to the drawers and just ends up getting used up from the laundry baskets where it ends up after coming out of the dryer.
I love Veggie Tales more than my kids do, so when Hannah wants Barney and Sarah wants Veggie Tales on at the same time, I always say it's "Sarah's turn" so I can watch the one I like.
My kids' potty seats get disenfected woefully infrequently because I hate touching them that much and I'm just so busy.
I like to mow the lawn to get out of the house for a bit.
If Ryan didn't encourage me to branch out when cooking, this family would be eating scrambled eggs, peas, and microwaved sweet potatos every night (what? it's got all the right vitamins, and can be made and at the table in 10 mins... the perfect meal!).
I fear the day I can't eat like a pig based on the excuse that "I'm eating for two" (because I'm still nursing)
I also fear the day when I have to work out again because I have no more excuses about the kids needing all my attention.
I observe the 5 second rule way too often.
I should be waking the baby to nurse right now but I can't drag myself off the computer to do it!!

Now it's your turn... anything you'd like to get off your chest?


  1. nothing to get off my chest really, just that I also do many of the things you mentioned!

  2. This is too funny! Thanks for sharing. :) And for the laugh!!! :)

  3. That is awesome.
    In all honesty, I have been guilty of every single one of those at one point in time or another.
    Except the mowing the lawn one. I have never liked mowing the lawn.

  4. no I think you covered it all except I tell my kids that somethings are just for parents, I have even eaten ice cream in front of them. now that's training.


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