Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Science Lesson

As many of you know, I love to make bread from scratch with the girls. There are so many great lessons to learn while making bread, including how to measure and count out ingredients, how to follow a recipe, and safety lessons about cooking in the kitchen. Today I decided to try to teach them a little about why bread rises, in simple form. I told them about yeast, and described it as little teensy animals that eat up all the sugar from our honey, and then when they're full, they toot and it makes bubbles in the bread, and that those bubbles make the dough get bigger and bigger over time. Of course, they're three, so I'm not expecting them to "get it" but I figured maybe a picture of yeast under a microscope might help them understand what it really looks like, so I googled "yeast" and this is what they saw:

Needless to say, they were unimpressed, and began wandering off and asking to see the cute puppy and kitty pictures on the lolcats website. So I thought about it, and I figured out this is what they probably expected to see:

No wonder they were dissappointed. I think I'll leave the microbiology lessons till they get a little older. Can't hurt to try, though!


  1. I'm not sure I want animals tooting in my bread, but I guess that's pretty much how it works.
    Good explanation. They'll get it someday.
    I just use a bread machine.


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