Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Brave New World

We are now a crib-free home. Today, sadly, we took down Caleb's crib and put up his new bunk bed set, given to us by my cousins Deb and Andy. The set looks great and is perfect for his room, but the only problem is it looks so grown up in there now. The crib set is gone, the diapers are hidden away in a drawer, his baby jumper and bumper set are no longer under the bed and it makes me a little sad. My boy keeps growing, and he's done so well with the new bed so far. Ok, so he's only had a nap in it, but he was so cute sitting there in the bed looking around at his big new room setup, all tucked into real blankets with a real pillow, and he didn't once try to hop out and go exploring around the room. The threat of spankings should little feet pitter-patter upon the floor might have helped that part. And yes, I am still watching him there sleeping on my little toddler cam, the one I swore I'd never get because, "we're becoming so ridiculously paranoid about our kids and what they do... I learned to sleep without someone watching me once upon a time, blah blah blah"... well that was before I got to worry about my own little darling sneaking out of bed and climbing ladders to upper bunks that are perilously high for someone with so little frontal cortex reasoning skills. Soon diapers will be a thing of the past too, and really as for that, none too soon, but I'll miss having a tiny tot who needs me 24/7. Then again, when it means I get to sleep at night and not wipe bums anymore, maybe I won't miss it tooooo much :) Adios little Bubby crib, bring on the big boy bed days and a whole new adventure!

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  1. Wow. How bittersweet those days are. Congratulations on not making him sleep in a crib until he's 6. Or am I the only one who wanted to do that...? ;)


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