Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heeeere's your sign...

"The Amazing Triple-Bodied Hare"

Ryan, my fabulous, wonderful cook of a husband, decided to make rabbit for the first time for me tonight. Being one who loves most of the things he makes (save only fish eyes) I was very excited and wanted to watch as he prepared my dinner. So, he seasons the rabbit and puts it into the sizzling hot cast iron pan, and out from my mouth spews this brilliant remark: "So, that's just one rabbit, eh?"

Ryan looks me dead in the eye, pauses, and says, "No, I glued three of them together and that's what came out."

I sat there trying to come up with a face-saving retort, something like, "No, I meant to say (insert appropriately meaningful question here)..." but all I could do was stare at him like the fool I was, until I started laughing. Then his laughing followed... I held out my hand for my "I'm stupid" sign, handed out by my giggling husband, who was all to willing to give me the award for my umteen-millionth time.

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