Monday, January 17, 2011

Why you should never let Sarah be your Bartender...

Sarah typically stays by herself in her room and quietly plays during naptime at our house, as is necessary for my sanity since if she didn't she'd be shadowing me around for 2 hours each day asking me endless questions (that child wants to know about EVERYTHING... cute but tiring). And usually she has some wonderful surprise she's made up for me when I come in to get her... "Momma, I made a nest out of all our stuffed animals!," or "Momma I stripped the beds and made a tent for myself!"... it's all good, as long as she's entertaining herself and happy whilst I commence my daily business. Today though she made me do a double take...
Sarah: "Momma, I made you a drink!" (handing me a play cup full of some imagined concoction)
Mommy: "Oooh, what is it?" (as I pretend to take a hearty sip)
Sarah: "I made you a mix of coffee, tea, and a special ingredient... MUSTARD!" (Smiling proudly)

Um, maybe later darlin, Mommy needs to go pretend spit out into a pretend sink somewhere. It's the thought that counts though, right?

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