Friday, January 7, 2011

Umm, no no and absolutely NOT!

Ahh, love, it causes us to do many strange things for our little ones. I remember once at a photo shoot one of our wee ones, approximately 5 weeks old, started to look a little green and Daddy, rather than let her hurl on the lovely photo backdrop, stuck out his hand and caught the goo before it ruined her cute little outfit and cost us a hefty backdrop-replacement fee. And I remember the days of allowing my sweet boy to gnaw on my (second-favorite) girl parts like they were a rubber chew toy for the sake of good nutrition and getting a thumbs-up from the leleche ladies. But this one little gem I have to say is about the most revolting, never-gonna-happen-est product I've ever seen.
It is just what it looks like. A mom-operated booger sucker. Yes, Mom's around the world who are frustrated by poorly operating nasal aspirator bulbs can now order this wonderful little product and suck away their kids nasal congestions. The product description admits freely it's a "bit wierd looking" (ya think?!), but swears none of your little darling's green and crusties (or slimies, as the case may be) will end up in the tube connected to your mouth, but even still... EW EW EWDIE EW EW! The picture alone makes me gag.
I dare you to find a nastier product on the market. Dare ya, I say! As for me and my house, lets just add this to the list of fun gag gifts to get for my girlfriends during the gift exchange season :), cuz that's the only use I can find for this product.

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  1. Oh my heavens. I'm totally with you, Mel. Not.Gonna.Happen. Ever.


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