Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happily eating my crow...

My big girls rode their bikes without training wheels today. I KNOW... only one day after I started trying them without, and one day since I predicted they'd take FOREVER to learn. I'm still shocked at how quickly they pick stuff up sometimes! Hannah is still really hesistant and constantly crashing because she can't turn yet, but still, she did an excellent ride across the court near our house. And Sarah, well she took off like a bolt to the blue and didn't look back. Unfortunatly she didn't look forward too well either because she ran straight into her brother on two different ride attempts despite my hollering right next to her "WATCH OUT! DON'T HIT CALEB!!!" It was like he was the only brake she had and she was goin' for it even if it meant they both ended up in traction, which thankfully they didn't. I'm so proud... now I have to go figure out my stupid phone to see how I can upload the videos. If you don't see any later, assume the damn technology has bested me yet again. Yay for banner days in my little ones' lives!! Boo for endlessly complicated cell phone cameras!!

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