Saturday, February 26, 2011

The up-sides of stomach flu?

This week my sweet Hannah and I caught the stomach flu... and I'm really trying to see the bright side of it because, in general, the last 4 days have been a major suck fest, but there has to be a silver lining, right? So here's what I've dug up to be the good points of the last 4 days...

Firstly, You could now perform surgery in my house. That's right, the surfaces in my house are now sparkly clean and perfectly germ free. If someone's touched it in the last week, it's been swiped with a hefty bleach-water solution. I don't mess around. Even while I was sick, the procedure was to hurl... muster & clean myself... then head on over to the bleach bucket and get to work while the endorphins did their work and kept me standing before the next wave of nausea. The downside of such cleanliness is that while you could perform surgery in here, you may not be able to because the level of bleach fumes in here might make the uninitiated pass out.

(Editor's note: that last part is in jest... don't worry, the littles are safe and in no danger of dying from bleach fumes...DO NOT call the authorities :))

Secondly, I am now a martyr. Someone grab me a halo cuz I just did my good deed for the year. Hubs has an important event (that which I will not publish for the blog-stalker world) which would have made it a very poor time to get the stomach flu, and so I sent him to stay at my father's whilst I managed Hannah, and then caught her germs. And since my Mommy is out of town (she who normally manages my puke-age loveingly as only a Mommy can), that officially makes me a sacrificial martyr... all hail me. After the quarantine lifts from my house, that is. Later, Ryan can throw me a party and gift wrap that halo with a big box of chocolates and a nice evening out with my girlfriends at Starbucks thankyouverymuch.

And finally, in this quest to find the good in this germ encrusted, miserable tale, I guess you could say the last up-side would be that I had a genuine excuse to let a few things go that I otherwise wouldn't have. For instance, for the last 4 days I've let my kids watch t.v. till their little hearts almost burst from the joy of their Dino Dan/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse love-fest. I also got to forgo cooking for a couple days in favor of ordering in pizza and having meals delivered by hubs, who slipped dinner in and ran out of the house like a frightened girl in sheer germaphobic terror. And sweeping... well, our food consumption was cut by half while Hannah and I decided we'd rather be flayed alive rather than ever consume anything ever again... meaning the crumbs levels were cut in half for a couple days. And I actually got to read a book in my spare time, Ha!

Take that stomach flu... I've bested you with bleach AND with a more positive attitude. Although, if you show your ugly face in this house again, it may do me in, so hit the road, Jack. We've seen more of you than we care to for a long loooooooong time.

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